Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes...

Already Friday again and time for...

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 220)

1.  My little wine rack looked like this this morning...

Whatever floats your boat, Peter.

2.  Last Monday evening, we had the dust storm from you-know-where.  You couldn't see anything but brown.  Like a white-out but with dirt instead of snow.  Our power was out for six hours.  In fact, a power line on our land blew down.  All that to say, once it blew through, it was eerily calm, and this is what the sunset looked like...

3.  When I was a kid my favorite snack was an icecream sandwich.  I loved them!  Carter has been asking and asking for one, so around 7:30 the other morning, he and I sat on the back steps like this...

Breakfast of champions!

4.  We live two hours from a Starbucks.  Not a huge deal, really.  But, I love that they sell these to make an afternoon iced coffee easy:

5.  I am STILL reading this book:

And by still, I mean, since March.  Yeah, that one-book-a-month resolution didn't last long :)  Anyone have any suggestions for a lighter read for vacation?

7.  This little guy got to go home this week!
We love you Braxton!

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  1. Of course it was Peter who modified the wine rack. Man, I love that kid!


  2. Ahaha love the sippy in the wine rack! And an ice cream sandwich for breakfast? You're the best!!!

  3. The sippy cup looks really nice in the wine rack. Well done, Peter.

    Those pictures are gorgeous. What a sunset.

    Mmm - ice cream sandwiches. Yum-my!