Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prayers for Peter...

This little guy...

who now looks like this...

but most days like this...

has had a rough week.

Monday afternoon, I woke him from his nap, and he looked about the color of a tomato (not exaggerating too much).  I took his temp and it read 104, but the local clinics were closed.  I got some Tylenol in him and ran him to town.  The on-call NP called it "teething syndrome" and red ears and sent him home with Amoxicillin.

Tuesday was okay.  He had a lower fever most of the day.  He would play for a bit and then cry and become very clingy.  He kept pulling his hair.  When I laid him down for the evening, he kept whining and crying for about thirty minutes (he never has problems sleeping).  I'd go and check on him and his hands were covering his ears as he was wincing.  I had given him some Motrin, and he finally fell asleep.  I thought the Amoxicillin would soon kick in.

At 2:45 yesterday morning, he woke crying and felt terribly hot.  So, I got him up and took his temp.  106!  I quickly called Mom to head over to watch the other boys and popped Peter in a cool bath.  He was shaking terribly and couldn't stand up - then he wouldn't stay in.  After the bath, his temp was up to 107.  Jeremy and I loaded him in the car, packed with cool towels and headed to the ER 45 minutes away.  When we arrived, they were shocked he wasn't seizing.  While there they ran about every test imaginable.  RSV, strep, mono, chest x-rays, urine test, blood, etc.  Finally, after about two hours, he was down to 102 and was released with a higher dosage of Amoxicillin for a double ear infection.

We went from there to our pediatrician in Amarillo and she said his ears were not infected and then ordered a blood culture.  So, to the hospital we went.  After every procedure, he was offered a reward from the medical staff...a popsicle, toy, and sucker.  He wanted nothing of it and just said, "No! NO!" to the offers of redemption.

After the culture, it was back to the pediatrician's for two big shots of rocephin, and then we were sent home with instructions to alternate Tylenol and Motrin around the clock for a few days.

The culture produced negative results today, and we just have one more day to wait.  More than likely it was just a really bad virus.

Thanks to all for the many prayers and Mass said.  Although not quite back to himself, Peter is so much better today.  As shocked as everyone was that he wasn't seizing and was still "with it," I know it was the prayers.  Nothing hurts more than watching one of your babies hurt, but we have been incredibly blessed.  Thank you all!


  1. Oh Britt, how terrifying, and how amazing that God protected him from the effects of such a high temp! Especially when you had to drive 45 minutes for help. Keep us posted, and prayers are going up right now for his continued recovery.

  2. Prayers for him! What scary moments for all of you.

    1. Thank you so much Rebekah!! You are so sweet to pray for him. He is still pretty grumpy and clingy but on the mend.

  3. Oh sweet boy. Will be praying for him. It's so scary when they get sick like that! Over the years we've had our bouts with severe illness, high fevers, etc. Reading your post reminded me of when one of our children did have a seizure. I had just returned from the ER with him and was actually on the phone with a doctor when it happened. Terrifying to watch him go through that. He also had rocefin - not fun... And urine cultures (and all of those other tests) on baby boys is no fun either. Hang in there - and we'll be praying for him!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! It means a lot! It really is scary, and I hate it for them. I cannot imagine a seizure - bless your heart! You are the best, and I appreciate your concern.

  4. Oh my goodness - that sounds so scary. Peter and his sweet mom and dad are in my prayers.


    1. Amy, thank you!! I have the world's best friends - your prayers are so much appreciated!!

  5. God bless my sweet Peter. I am so, so, so glad that he is better. I'm sorry it's been such a rough week--for him and for all of you!

    Love you guys!