Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What They Said

Jeremy got a new work truck, and we all fit in (yeehaw)!  So, we went to check the cows.  The boys have gotten into a bit of a correcting-each-other stage.  I'll rephrase that...Carter likes to correct.  And, they all like to talk at once.  As background, Carter likes to be right, Peter takes a bit longer to get out his thoughts and get frustrated, and John Paul seeks to annoy.  So here's what happened...

Peter (starting to tell a story): "Sophiepilla (that's what they call her) (pause)...
P: (angrily): I'm saying sophiepilla.
Carter: Two people can say sophiepilla, Peter.
JP:sophiepillasophiepillasophiepillasophiepilla(you get it, it doesn't stop)
P (turning re): JOHN PAUL!  I saying sophiepilla.

This goes on for three minutes.  We never heard what Peter wanted to say.

My brother, Chase, decided to ask Carter who his favorite uncle was...
Carter: Sean
Chase: What if I give you a dollar?
Carter: Still Sean
Chase What if I give you two dollars?
Carter: 4!
Chase: 3!
Carter: Still Sean (walks away).

Carter has a pretty big heart for a four-year-old (or for anyone for that matter), and he played with his cousin a few days ago.  Disclaimer: his cousin doesn't have siblings who take his toys, so he doesn't know any better!  Then Chase asked how it went...

Chase: Carter did you have fun?
Carter: Yes!
Chase: Was Stephen Ross nice, and did he share his toys?
Carter: I'd wather not say.
Chase: Carter, you have to tell me.
Carter: No thanks.
Chase: (persisting)
Carter: (getting really upset) HE DIDN'T SHARE but it's OKAY!

Peter is our shy one.  He's really gotten over a lot of it, but it takes him awhile to warm up.  It does me, too.  He went to my aunt's house, and they have a new puppy.  Peter LOVES animals.  When Peter walked in the door, the dog ran away.  Sammie explained that the dog was a bit scared and was a little shy like Peter.  So, Peter laid down on the floor with his hand open and waited and waited for the puppy to come to him when the puppy was ready.  Now they're friends for life!

John Paul sneezed and out came a bubble of snot...
"AHHHHHH!  I had a blowout!!!!"

Sophie LOVE mum mums.  She would eat them all day long.  I sat her in her high chair and went to get one and she smiled and said, "mummum!"
After my surgery I showed JP the teeny scar...
JP: WOAH!  Da doctor bwoke your tummy!!

When I would go see the boys when they were staying with Mom...
Peter: I don't have to go home, do I?

When I asked John Paul where his juice was...
JP: In da living woom, you silly goose!

They keep us on our toes all day long!


  1. These are my absolute favorite posts! I love the things kids say! I had some jeans that had a "fashionable" tear in them, Landry (2) came up, stuck her finger in the hole and said "Aunt Jen, your jeans broken" Your kiddos are adorable!

  2. SO funny (and adorable and cute!) Oh my gosh! And that last photo?? It's PERFECT with the teal blue sky and the dirt brown hat. What amazing color in that photo! Oh! And the baby is the best part of course ;)

  3. Ha! Little kids are too funny. I miss my son being so small. Once, when he was about three years old, we went through the drive-thru at the bank and the teller sent out a green lollipop with my deposit slip. Jackson looked much aggrieved and said "Send it back! Tell her the red ones make be behave 20% better!" I couldn't argue with such logic, so I sent it back and told her exactly what he said and she laughed and sent out 5 red ones and said he should behave 100% better....it must be hysterical with three boys running around; they'd probably keep me in stitches.

    1. They really are, Janie! I cannot believe your little guy was so smart with what he said. I would have been dying laughing! It is really funny with these guys. However, sometimes it takes a few minutes for me to think some of it is worth a laugh, haha. Thanks so much for commenting!