Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Thoughts and Links

A few of these pictures are on my Instagram feed.  So, if you follow along there, forgive the repeats! We've just been living life here.  I can't say that a whole lot new has been happening.  However, at the end of each day, I can say we had our crazy moments but also loved, forgave, re-grouped and had great family time.  It's really all I can ask for! Here's a little run down...

I received my Chatbooks this week, and I cannot think of money better spent!  I have all of my Instagram memories in these amazing little books.  I'm sold on them.  Forever.

Sohpie and I ended up getting a touch of that silly Hand Foot and Mouth, too.  Hopefully it's run its course in our family.  Her cheeks got so red, but she was still as sweet and cute as before.
Maybe even resembling a Cabbage Patch Kid?
I was reprimanding John Paul for something, and in the middle of me telling him that I loved him but I needed him to mind, he said, "You pwetty, Momma!"  He's already got a way to get out of things!

Then I heard a squabble in the living room later that morning.  He wanted something that Carter had.  Carter wasn't ready to part with it, so he walked in to the kitchen where I was and said, "MOMMA!  Carter bit me!"  He didn't.  We're in for some trouble, I think.

While looking for some bugs, Carter came across a thorny bush.  He said it only hurt a little bit so he wanted me to touch it.  I didn't want to, so he sweetly came to my side and said, "Oh just close your eyes and think of something happy!"  I still didn't touch it.
Carter has been firing off some funny little things lately.  He showed me how he had a Cheezit in his hand, and then he ate it.  After he swallowed, he said, "Lovely magic, isn't it?!"

We went to see Mimi and Pops this week while in between doctor appointments, and as we left, Carter held up his little index finger and told Pops, "Love your family!"  When we got home he asked me if he could do a little school work.  It was too late.  Frowning with his hands in the air he said, "But, I live for numbers!"
Last week, during a family Rosary, we let the kids watch Holy Baby (a Catholic version of Baby Einstein really).  A picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe came up.  Carter got so excited begging me to look.  I asked him what I needed to see.  He said, "It's your saint Mommy!"  So, when we saw another picture of Mary in different form, I said, "There she is again."  "No Mommy, it's the other one.  SHE is your saint." "Really, Carter?  What does she do?"  "She's just carrying you to Heaven, Mommy!"  Yes she is, and I need her so badly.  I feel that extra strength most days.

Have you read this post from Laura on parenting being hard, but maybe not harder than it is for the mom next to you?  Sadly, I've had the same thought process from time to time.

I think I'll try this recipe, soon - so easy, and it looks delicious and healthy.  Katie, who posted the recipe also just opened up an Etsy shop with precious baby headbands.  Take a look!

Did you link your organization tips here?

Do you use essential oils?  I haven't really, but I'm looking into it more.  Anna has a recipe for a lip scrub using essential oils, and I want to try it for sure.

Finally, do you mind sending up some prayers for a friend with a special intention?  Thanks a mil.

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  1. that cabbage patch picture, OMG britt. she's a gem.

    and i saw your comment on blythe's blog so i clicked over to say YES THERES SOMETHING IN THE WATER WITH PARENTING THIS WEEK. i nearly threw (no, i placed. i gently placed. and even read him a story, but WANTED TO THROW) parker into bed for his nap because... i'm just at my wit's end.

    lord give me strength.

  2. Omigoodness, she's the sweetest! She's got the sweetest squishiest cheeks! Hope your weekend is great, I'm going to have breakfast, oh-its-already-noon!

  3. Hey there. We have just jumped into the world of essential oils! If you want more info I can tell you what we've done and why we've chosen the brand (doterra) that we did. So far, we've been amazed!

  4. Thanks so much for including me in your link up! I'm honored! Your kiddos are too cute!

    1. Of course! It is something I so badly needed to read, so thank YOU!

  5. Love this post! LOVE!

  6. Your pictures are adorable. Absolutely beautiful kids. Prayers going up for your friend's special intention. God bless!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and your prayers mean so much to me!

  7. awww hope sophie is feeling better! your kids are so cute! precious...

  8. I keep hearing about Chatbooks, and I'm glad to hear another a great I want to try them for sure! All of your babes are just the cutest!!

  9. Oh friend, I'm so sorry that HFM got to you and Sophie! So many prayers! And, I cannot wait to put in an order for Chatbooks. I have an android phone (recent switch) and they are just now running their beta app! Soon soon soon will I be able to order in on all the chatbook Fun!

  10. Sophie DOES look exactly like a cabbage patch kid!!! Just too cute!!!!