Monday, September 29, 2014

Taking Stock // Fall 2014

I wrote a post like this last winter with plans to do it every season.  That didn't happen.  But, here I am now, and here's what is going on in my world...

taking stock // fall

making: time to write more letters.  It's a practice I've gotten away from but want to get back to.  Who doesn't love real mail?

cooking: this bread and this stew for lunch.

drinking: black coffee.  I started drinking it on the Whole30, and I am starting to convert.  Never say never.

reading: Divine Intimacy.  It's my daily devotional for now.  By daily, I mean I miss days here and there, but I should be reading it daily.  It is changing me.

wanting: a little more peace and surrender.  I've realized (over and over again) that I love control.  But, it's not mine. Therefore, I need not worry about so many things.  

looking: at my calendar for October and getting a little stressed, which leads back to the previous answer.  I have to learn to not worry about what's ahead and take one day at a time, because 99% of the time, what I worry about never happens.  We're just going to be busy, and it makes me anxious.

playing: lots and lots of "hey, look at me" games with the kids.  They always have something to say.

wasting:time on too many devices.

sewing: nothing, i can't sew. :(

wishing: for a few more beautiful weeks of fall before winter strikes.

enjoying: having an infant (3 month old).  It's my favorite!

waiting:  for Christmas to see my sweet sister again.  

liking: these little animals.  Which for Sophie?

wondering: what the future holds.

loving: the new cinnamon/sugar pretzels at our coffee shop and trying not to find an excuse to get one this week.

hoping: that my children always know how much they're loved.

marveling: at how much the kids can argue yet how deep their love for each other runs.

smelling: a few essential oils (what have I gotten myself into)???

needing: sleep.  Sophie's been sleeping about 12 hours/night for about 2 weeks, and I've been staying up later that ever. Makes sense?  Not really.

wearing: my fleece.  Always my fleece.  

following: a few people on Twitter.  I signed up yesterday and have no clue what I'm doing!

noticing: I need more patience (always).

knowing: I need to make the most of these moments when the kids are so little.  I want them to want to share things with me always, and so much of that depends on them sharing things with me now.  I know I need to stop more and just listen.

thinking: about how blessed I am to have the husband that I do, for so many reasons.  

bookmarking: this for a little photography inspiration.

opening: my heart to greater self-awareness and instruction

giggling: at the boys and their antics.  Carter's new favorite: "I live for numbers!"  Peter: "But, but, but."  John Paul: "Taaaan (can) I??"

feeling: all over the place yet still thankful for everything around me.

Here's to a great week!


  1. You are making bread? This officially places you as my hero. I've never been able to conquer bread. Which maybe is a good thing since bread is my ultimate food weakness. Home made bread? Forget it. I'll eat an entire loaf.

    Also, I've been trying really hard to make a wholehearted exodus from my devices. It's challenging but my goodness, it's really starting to mess up my ability to focus on any one thing. The second I stop my mind starts turning "Facebook! Insta! eMail!" and I find that this distractibility carries over into all things in my life.

  2. Ahh! That stew sounds absolutely amazing.

    I was just thinking last night how I really need to get over this device/computer obsession I have. I'm going to have to do something about it.

    I was also thinking about how dang excited I am that I'll be in Amarillo and how I'll get to see you SO much more!!

  3. I can't wait to see you, either!!!! Come on, Christmas!!!

  4. Might have to steal this post idea! Love it!

  5. I attended The Hundred Event, but I don't think we met! I'm loving reading about your "ranch life"...I just took my daughter to a "farm to table" farm, and I think I'm sold!

    Love your blog!

    xo, Ally

    1. Allyson! So sorry we didn't meet! I remember seeing you, but I didn't make much effort - darn it! I'm following your blog now, and it's just lovely! So fun that you can take your daughter to those events even in the city. Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Thank you for the Divine Intimacy recommendation. I'm saving it for reference when I need a new devotional, and I believe Sophie needs a raccoon or a fox!!

    1. You're welcome! It has blessed me so much! Thanks for giving me your ideas for the animal, too! It helps me narrow it down ;)

  7. The stuffed animals...all of them! Oh my word! How will you ever decide??

    Photog tips...great page! Thanks for sharing!