Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Trip to the Cabin

Saturday morning we decided to take a quick trip to the cabin.  It's a bit more than a couple hours away, so once we decided and got packed, it was early afternoon before we got there.  

We hoped to see some of the fall colors, but it was a bit early.  There was only a bit of yellow to be found.
Most people were preparing their cabins for a cold winter with stacks upon stacks of firewood.
We had a wait a bit to go exploring because an afternoon shower graced us with its presence.

The entire weekend, John Paul had a buddy with him.  One of three dinosaurs never left his little hand.

Finally, the boys got to explore...

They started to make a tepee in the event that they needed to stay outside.
John Paul wasn't as enthusiastic about it as the rest were.
Peter was having the time of his life, searching for the perfect log for the tepee.

And, Carter was pretty content to follow Jeremy around asking him about different plants, logs, bugs, etc.

John Paul still wasn't enthused.

It didn't get better.

This right here is Peter's outfit of choice.  He wears it every day.  And, when I forget to wash it at night, things are not good.  He dresses himself and is so very proud of his "army" clothes.

In the meantime, Sophie and I tried to join them for a bit, but it ended up being too cold for her taste.
On the second day, they went on another hiking adventure.  
This time, everyone was happy.

Even little Sophie (who stayed home with me)!

It was a nice little 24-hour escape.  Even though things aren't ever extremely relaxing with kids in tow, it was still fun and great to get out for a bit!  Hopefully next time we go, there will be sledding involved!


  1. I saw a few photos with Peter in the caption, but I couldn't seem to find him anywhere!

  2. Poor John Paul feels about the way I do when it comes to camping!

  3. Wow -- what a gorgeous photo of you and Sophie! Glad you guys fit in a quick getaway! Looks like an amazing place for little boys.

  4. that looks like complete paradise. and your photos!

  5. That looks so beautiful. My kind of place! <3