Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Widing Horsies"

Last week my dad (aka PaPa) and Jeremy came over to vaccinate our cows/calves in order to get them ready to wean this fall.  When the little guys heard the pick-up and trailer coming down the road, they headed straight for the door.  

They were promised a ride around the house once the work was finished, and they were pretty happy little boys.  

When I wasn't even in school (am I right on this, Mom?), I was helping my parents gather cattle quite often. There were even a few times when there could have been a bad accident or the time when my horse got "spooked" and started running away with me.  I didn't have the strength to pull him up.  Yet, as I was about to fall off, my dad sped up beside us on his horse and quickly reached over, grabbed me and let the horse run as he put me on his horse with him.  Anyway, I cannot imagine my little guys already riding. Plus, I haven't gone to much effort to teach them quite yet.  I think there's still time.  

However, I think these pictures would say they think they're already ready!


  1. OH my gosh how fun for them! They look like they were loving it!

  2. Seriously, is there anything more precious than a man holding a kid on a horse? I absolutely love these pictures. Seriously, adorable.

    I, too, had a bit of a horse wreck when I was really little. I was maybe 3, maybe, and I was riding my horse, Baldy. They wanted to get a picture of me and my cousin on Baldy, so they brought her over and my uncle held her up on the horse next to me. Camera flashes, horse spooks and takes off. They grabbed my cousin but I continued on until he went up a little hill and I fell right off the back. I was fine, but my poor grandma fainted! Ha!