Wednesday, September 17, 2014

He's Got the Blues

While cleaning out a few drawers in the office last week, Jeremy unearthed a gift from Aunt RoRo. After getting it out and letting the boys use it, we remembered why it was hidden (kidding - kind of). It is a harmonica, and each of the boys thinks they make beautiful music with it.  In fact, John Paul has taken to serenading Sophie.  She's an attentive audience.

Once RoRo has kids, I will be looking for a drum set to send her way.  Really, it's been a lot of fun listening to them "play" and seeing their expressions while doing so.  When they play their music, I often think that's what it must sound like when other's hear me sing, haha.  Sometimes I wish I had their confidence :)  For now, I'm just going to keep encouraging them hoping we'll have some musicians on our hands some day!


  1. Such cute pictures! But I tend to agree,musical instrument gifts can be tough on the parents!

  2. By attentive audience do you mean....captive? However, as an "aunt" I think musical instruments are great gifts! haha. Your kiddos are so cute!

  3. Sophie's just looking at her brother like, "Oh, so we're doing that now..." Too cute.

    (My brother-in-law is notorious for giving extra noisy gifts....)

  4. I just typed a super long comment.....but it didn't post. Grrr. Bottom line, I love this. Good job, RoRo!