Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baby Books

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Sophie Helenek asking me to review her "My First Book" series. Being that her name was Sophie, and that my kids cannot get enough books, I said, "Sure!"

So, these came in the mail.
And for a day or so, they sat on our side table.
Honestly, when I first looked through them, I wasn't so sure the kids would like them.  They are very, very simple books.  Each left page has a black image of the item it is describing while the opposite page has numerous colored images of the same item.  For instance, in the Musical Instruments book there is a black flute on the left page, and on the opposite right page there are flutes in about six different colors.  I definitely thought Sophie would like the contrast of colors, being that I've heard that is something they can see early on in their development.  But, I thought they would be way too simple for the boys.  Until I found them outside doing this...

Basically, they loved them!  And, they continue to pick them up daily.  Carter and Peter love being able to read the book to me, ie telling me what every item is and then pointing to the different colors when I ask them to.  

Sophie was an attentive reader for awhile.
Honestly, she loved looking at the pages as I read them to her.  She was still and seemed to be fascinated with the high-contrast of the black images on the white pages.  The idea behind Helenek's books is that they are created specifically for the infant, to promote visual and speech stimulation, at that very stage in their development.  I think these books accomplish that mission.  And, as an extra, older children can use them to proudly show their parents what they know!

If you're interested in getting a set of these age-appropriate books for your baby (or as a gift!), you can receive a 10% discount if you order here.  I'm glad they're now a part of our library!


  1. Those pics of your boys reading are just too precious! I love how intent and serious they are with their 'reading'. They might as well be reading a newspaper and discussing politics. So adorable!!!
    I'll have to keep these books in mind for my own little baby!!! I definitely want to promote reading and a love of books at an early age. :)