Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just a Boy and His Cows

Thanks for your comments on my questions, Friday!  It gives me a little more of an idea of what to focus on with this blog.  I really appreciate all of you readers and your comments :)

A few weeks ago we had to move the cows in our front pasture (he one closest to the house) to another pasture (out of sight) in order to give the grass a rest.  We had one sad little boy on our hands.  Luckily last week, we moved them back for a bit.

John Paul could literally spend all afternoon atop the fence repeating, "Coooow" over and over again as he points his chubby little index finger toward his favorite animal.
Their water tank is right outside our yard, so two to three times a day, his eyes light up, and he runs to the window to let me know that the "cooows dinkin' water."
This Labor Day, we rested, and I hope you got some of that in, too - here's to a great week back at it!


  1. Aww, I love this! I think John Paul will be your rancher for sure. Carter....I'm thinking something go-getterish because that kid is a talker! Peter, I thought a Priest, but with this current camo obsession, I'm wondering if maybe he'll be a soldier?