Monday, September 15, 2014

Pecan Pie Muffins

Love pecan pie but not the crust so much??  That's me.  So, luckily I found this crustless pecan pie muffin recipe.

I might have posted about this before, but I cannot remember, and it's too good not to share again.

My dad asks for them all the time.  So does my uncle.  And, you know it's a home run when your kids are stealing bites when you aren't looking.  Look closely at this picture.

There are only five ingredients.
They take less than 25 minutes.
And they last about 30 seconds.

Try them this fall!


  1. I can. not. wait! to make these! My brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law are coming this weekend and Joseph already asked if we can bake them a cake. These will be perfect! :)

  2. OH my! these looks so delicious....going to have to try them! :)

  3. Ooh how yummy, I will need to try these, thank you for sharing and for linking up with my first link up, it has been a blast so far. Rachel xo

  4. I saw these on your blog and made them last night...and now they are almost gone. My husband now thinks I am an amazing baker and you are officially my hero :) My first newlywed wife kitchen success!!