Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Yes, July 4th was almost two weeks ago, but I didn't want these pictures to escape the blog.  So, here's a little bit of what a small town parade looks like.

We just find a place to park it on the sidewalk of one of the main streets.  If you're lucky, your mom will remember your candy buckets but forget anything to keep the hot sun out of your face.  But, thanks to innovative little boys...

Not a thing to worry about!  Sometimes Mom's sunglasses work a bit better...

We got to see RoRo one last time as a "Carter" - bring on the marriage!  We also enjoyed a little sausage on a stick and popcorn that was being passed around.  Think small towns don't have their perks?  Think again.
  One of the parade members really came to the rescue...they tossed out kids' sunglasses.  Genius!

Carter waved to anyone he could see.  Peter, on the other hand, preferred to play it cool.  Carter was also verrrryyy cautious, yelling at my mom and me to "STEP BACK" if we even got within ten feet of the floats driving by.

Meanwhile back at the house, Sophie just enjoyed a bit of patriotic attire...

And, a few more pics of her just for kicks!

If you've never been to a parade on the 4th, you're missing out.  Hope your Independence Day was great!

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