Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baking: S'more Cobbler

The boys woke up from their naps the other day and wanted to do a "pwojec" - so, we thought we'd bake something.  With a little suggestion from me, they decided on S'more Cobbler (yes, there is such a thing).

I can't decide which I like better: Peter's hair or Carter's face.  

They get very excited with each job they have, whether that's stirring or placing graham crackers in just the right place.  They want to have a part in every step!

I messed up a bit and used the wrong kind of pudding (instant).  Then, I wasn't paying attention and we layered it in the wrong order.  However, it still turned out looking like this...

I can't honestly say that it tasted as good as it looked, but we had a great time trying it!


  1. Their faces kill me! So funny!

  2. Love your boys! And, this looks delicious! Next bible study we host this may just have to happen!

  3. They are so adorable. And you are such a good mama!!! I just love reading about these pwojecs that you guys do together. :)


  4. Oh my goodness, YUM! You are wonder woman I tell ya. If we have a fourth I am going to call you so you can walk me through baking with a newborn in the house. The furthest I would get would be the pre made cookies. haha!