Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Her Superheros and Mine Too

Well, we returned home from the world's best wedding to some boys who missed their sister (and I think us, too)!  I've had particular boys ignore me for hours upon returning home from a trip, so to see them all so excited when we walked in the door did my heart good.  

The next day I laid Sophie in her little mini-crib and snapped a few pictures.

I left the room to throw a diaper away and came back to this...

and then this...

If we've heard once, we've heard one hundred times that Sophie will be well protected.  I completely agree! They already adore her.  I think it's also safe to say that each of them will care for each other in the same way (at least that's my hope), as Carter came to me the other day out of the blue and said, "Momma, don't worry.  If Peter gets hurt, I will hold him 'til you come."

And then, I was having a little moment the other day and Carter asked why I was crying.  Even I didn't really know, and you know how I feel about crying in front of kids.  Anyway, I told Carter everything was okay. It wasn't for him, and he started crying.  Then he said, "Momma, you're a gweat mom!  Do you want to cuddle?"  Then when we were curled up on the couch and after apologizing for "being angry" with me earlier, he said, "Daddy will be home soon and will make it all better."  

Later that day, he woke from his nap, pulled up a chair next to Sophie and me and said, "Momma, God gave me you, and He gave me to you.  And, He loves us very much.  Then Jesus gave us Sophie, too!"

He's a good soul.  They all are, and while everyone may say they are Sophie's superheros, I'd have to say they are mine too.


  1. This is hands down the most precious thing I have ever read. Seriously, Britt. He's a good one!

  2. We should all listen to kids like yours a little more often. How adorable and so full of truth!

  3. Whoa. I just died. That made me get goosebumps all over!! Tell Carter that "Uncle RoRo" loves him very much, and all of the other sweeties, too!

  4. way to get me all teary eyed first thing in the morning. It's amazing how kids can just say the most perfect thing just when you need it most!

  5. Oh my gosh, I may have just teared up reading those quotes. How absolutely precious.

  6. How sweet! Carter's comment about holding Peter...

  7. This was incredibly sweet. Kids are amazing with the emotions they pick up on. Most definitely their own breed of superheros!