Thursday, July 31, 2014

Learning Early

Most people would look at the following pictures of the boys writing with sidewalk chalk as an entry into further developing their handwriting (I think?).  Or, something developmentally related.  A good thing, perhaps.  What if I told you that this "sidewalk" chalk actually marks the beginning of their graffiti work?

I failed to get a picture of the pink "C" and "P" on our stucco walls - man they are proud of their letters!  I didn't get a picture either of my yellow bottom after sitting on the bench they colored.  But, they were saved when I discovered it all washes off fairly easily.

Carter has also been very into pretending.  One night this week, he was a paper boy.  I didn't even know he knew what that was, but he came in the office with a plastic bag as a backpack and asked us to tie up his blanket as a newspaper.

Peter quickly became his apprentice, and I got to "wead a vewy important front page!"

They've also learned a little about melting our hearts.  Each of the boys came in with these a few mornings back...
My flower garden is missing a few flowers, but I have three proud little boys to show for it. 

And, Carter just had to have my help making his Daddy a gift...

They are keeping us on our toes...always!

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  1. Aww, they are all at such a fun stage. Ace and Pierce are always amazing us with their imaginations.