Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Bridal Portraits, Chainsaws and Hiding

Linking up with Jen for Friday's 7 Quick Takes

I took some bridal portraits of my sister on the ranch when she was at home last week.  Obviously, I cannot put any of them up until after the wedding, but I did manage to crop this one...

These last few weeks of this fourth pregnancy have been a bit different than the other three.  It's the first time I feel like I'm not going to make it to the induction date.  Which probably means I'll head into the induction without any progress whatsoever.  Without complaining too much about the inevitable and realizing it's all SO worth it, I've just lost momentum (and the ability to take a non-fuzzy picture).  

Carter went missing yesterday morning.  Well, I knew he was in the yard, but exactly where I did not know.  Thank goodness for a curious John Paul who saved the day.

We had appointments in Amarillo early in the week, after such a  long weekend for the boys, so a promise to the toy store was made.  If you have boys and need something to keep them busy for a LONG time, these chainsaws from Toys R Us are a dream come true.  They were thrilled, and they've been "cutting down trees" ever since!

I know everyone has probably seen the blog post on secondary drowning already, but incase you haven't, here it is.  Drowning is on the top of my fears list, for me and my children, so here's just another thing to worry about.  But, really, it's such great information!

Remember that summer activities link-up I helped host a few weeks ago?  Well, I'm teaming up with those moms to host a link-up every second Monday of the month.  So, get your summer recipes ready to share...that's the next topic on June 9th!

This little guy turns four the week Sophie arrives.  In fact, we'll be home from the hospital on his birthday.  I hate it for him, but he's not too aware of the actual date yet, so we're having a fun little family day for him this weekend.  Pizza at the park, a trip to a kid's museum type thing and strawberry cake are on the agenda.  Plus, we're going swimming.  I can't think too much of him being a teeny, tiny one seconds ago, but I'm so happy to celebrate another year of life made better with him in it!

Have the best weekend!


  1. Carter in the cooler just made my day! Your boys are so sweet!

  2. You look beautiful! And what handsome little fellas you have ;)

  3. Awww, I love that the boys have toy chainsaws! How fun!! And goodness, I am amazed at the beauty of your cropped photo! I cannot wait to see the full thing! :)