Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer Activity Link-Up: Planting

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Summertime is such a fun time of the year with little ones. It can also become overwhelming as there is so much free time you wonder what exactly to do to fill it. This summer, let's prepare ahead of time. This way we can plan out some fun and educational activities for our little ones before the moments of boredom and craziness hit!
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When I was asked to co-host this link-up, I kind of drew a blank.  What summer activities do we do with our kids?  Ummm....most of the time I just send them outside to play.  I don't have a stack of ideas and indoor learning/play activities that I can easily go to for a quick fix  (clearly, I need one). It's pretty plain around here.  However, I've found that if the kids get to help Jeremy and I do something that we're already planning on doing, they typically love it most.  Hence...planting a garden.

We planted both a flower garden and a vegetable garden recently.  I won't say it was all sunshine and roses. In fact, I kind of wanted to plant a couple of them in the ground and leave them for a bit.  But, all in all it was fun and great for the boys!

They each got a little spade to dig with...
 ...and we put the flowers in their tiny wheel barrow to take around to the various spots.

Some of the plants were easier to just carry.

Then it came time for the vegetable garden...
We first had to clear out all of the tumbleweeds and dead leaves.  So, Peter helped rake while we shoveled it over the fence.
 John Paul did what he could...which was mostly digging in his own pile of dirt.
 Carter helped take some plants from the house to the garden.

 And, Peter dug some holes for the strawberries.

They loved to water each seed and plant, and they even dropped a few seeds in the holes.  If you aren't able to have a full garden, I think it would be just as much fun to grap a bag of potting soil, seeds, and plant food and plant something in a plastic cup or a small pot.  I know herbs grow well inside - or even a bean plant - just so the kids can see something grow over the summer.

If you're looking for something a little less dirty, we also love to bake together (here) or make our own play dough (here)! 

Check out what my co-hosts are sharing about on their blogs! They each are such great mommas with wonderful ideas I know you will be inspired by!

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  1. This looks so fun! I love the one picture of JP with a disgusted look on his face...there was something in that wheelbarrow that did NOT impress him!

  2. this is such a wonderful idea! I love that you are teaching your sweet little ones while also letting them have fun and work together. amazing!

  3. So fun, Britt!! I'm with you...most of our summer days look like me sending the boys out to play in some water and dirt :) This link-up forced me to actually plan ahead a bit and come up with some other ideas too (which i know will come in handy when Ellis gets here! :) xoxo

  4. You got some great pictures! We did some planting last night and have more to do soon. Our four year old has taken a great interest in plants!

  5. This is perfect!! Great for kids hands on and seeing things grow I love it!!

  6. Precious! That looks like some wonderful, family fun!!!

  7. We will be planting in containers this year within the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping that having the kids help plant will encourage my boys to eat more vegetables.