Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Conversations with the Boys

Last week I was asking Carter about turning four...
Carter: What is turning four?
Me: Well, when you have a birthday soon, you will be a year older.  Four instead of three.
Carter:  Oh yeah.  I'm excited, but not as excited as I am to see Sophie!

Peter telling me something to do, "Do you unstan me???"

Carter talking to his new best friend, the barber, about a poster on his wall of a nebula...
Barber: It's when lots of matter collides and forms a star or a planet.
Carter: Or you mean a meteor?

Driving to town to get a treat after naps on Monday...
Carter: Mom, when you come home, don't be mad about the medicine mess.  I will go in my room first. Don't go in.  I will clean it up.
Apparently he didn't nap like I thought he did but instead decorated his bathroom mirror with Vaseline. Funny how he waited to say anything until he and I were both secure in our seats and on our way to do something fun.

Peter as we put him to bed...
Peter: Dod bless you momma (with his hand on my head) and Dod bless you Sophie (with his hand on my tummy).  I going to seep now, Sophie!"


  1. Okay, the "medicine mess" think is maybe my new favorite Carter quote. Hilarious. And Peter blessing everyone makes me think again that he may be your priest! Cannot wait to see them!! I'm so excited! Tell them I'm bringing goodies!

  2. haah, smart boy you have there, telling you about it when you can't really do anything about it! So something my son would do too! Love that your boys are already so in love with their little sister :)

  3. Just the cutest!! :)

  4. You have a couple of smart kids! :)