Thursday, May 29, 2014

What a Weekend (Week)

As my stomach grows to unbelievable lengths/widths/depths (ha!), my blogging slows.  However, we had the best time on the ranch last week celebrating Rozann and Sean's upcoming marriage.  It was amazing to see so many people come together from everywhere who love them so much.  We had tons of people from the Chicago area, and then there were those from Michigan, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, etc.  Over 200 people came for dinner, dancing and celebrating these two!

The week before things were a little crazy getting prepared (well, a lot had been done weeks before that), but plag poles had to be put up...
signs posted...

and the grounds cleaned and prepared for any and all scenarios.  The morning of the big party, we ended up moving most everything to the barn because of impending rain.  Thank goodness we did!  We had people in to smoke brisket and sausage on a stick.  All of the ladies in the family (and some wonderful neighbors, too!) helped make over 1000 cookies.  Some of the siblings and cousins teamed up to host a washer pitching tournament, 

and a former boss and amazing friend of Rozann's had caps made for every guest.

More than anything, it was just special to be together in preparation for one of God's greatest gifts to us...marriage.  

The boys cannot wait to have a new uncle to go with their sweet RoRo...

and we're thrilled to welcome Sean to the family! 

His family is a testament of the love and beauty that a big family holds (he has seven siblings).  While smaller families can have just as much love to share and not all big families are happy families, I was in awe all weekend of the bonds between the siblings and their parents and the obvious graces and sacrifices made.  Beautiful.  

 We're on our way there, maybe...

The evening before the ranch party, my aunt had my family and Sean and his extended family out for a New Mexican meal of enchiladas, posole, and all the sides.  Carter, who has always been a little anxious around crowds, made it through the evening spending most of his time outside and kind of secluded.  At the end of the gathering, he looked at us and said, "Maybe next time you can tell everyone to just talk ONE AT A TIME!"

It was a weekend full of families reconnecting...

kids playing...

and one last hoorah before the big day.

It was perfect.  


  1. It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful. And your cookies and presence and amazingness made it so. What a wonderful post!! It is so much fun to relive the memories!! Now, on to another wonderful event-- Sophie's birth! I love you and your sweet family more than you know.

    1. Congratulations to you on your upcoming marriage!

  2. I'm so glad it all went well! What a wonderful event. And those shirts! What a neat idea!

  3. So beautiful! Love the pictures and all the moments captured!

  4. Awwww, it does look so perfect! Such a beautiful family and such precious memories!! :)