Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Another Day

Blogging has been slim pickings lately.  I guess it just is that our days consist of basically the same thing, and I know that another set of pictures and ramblings of our days are maybe certainly just cute for me and maybe the grandparents.  Other things to write about are kind of at a lull.  

Carter loves to wear his hat when it's cold.  However, he wears it like some "cool kids" wear their pants...it isn't serving much more of a purpose than decoration.  OR, looking at the positive, we might tweak this outfit a bit and go as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation next Halloween.
Still, it allows him to be outside doing what he loves best...giving rides on his tractor.  Here he is with his little cousin.
I cannot decide if Peter or John Paul will be our animal lover. Maybe both of him.  After Dad's work was finished for the morning, John Paul got to take a quick ride.

A day over at Papa and Elley's isn't complete without some time in the big barn.
As I discovered last year, painting with water is about as wonderful as it gets.  It isn't messy, and it works to keep them entertained for a really long time.
Or you can branch out and put that water in a cooler ;)

It doesn't take much.  Thank goodness!  Have a great day.


  1. I like the painting with water idea--may have to steal that one for outdoor play...that is if it ever warms up again!

    1. You really need too - at least my boys love it!! It keeps them entertained for a really long time. Gosh, I hope it warms up for you soon - it's almost mid-May!

  2. yep, painting with water, my sister would "paint" the house for hours!

  3. I love that little tractor, what dream for a little boy! And see that picture of the boys riding made me miss be able to jump on my horses everyday.

  4. I honestly think that your water painting idea is like the smartest parenting move I've ever seen!