Monday, May 19, 2014


Jeremy came home from work on Friday with a bag full of picnic supplies and a plan to go roast some hot dogs along the creek.  As we were getting everything ready, though, the wind picked up majorly. So, we decided to keep it a little closer to the back yard.

The boys gathered up some blankets.

 Then they had a Cheeto fest while Jeremy grilled the hot dogs.
(Those scratch marks - well, Peter pushed Carter to his very small limits.  Carter quickly transformed into Wolverine mode and tried to scratch off Peter's forehead.  Brilliant.)

This little guy is walking now!  About half the time it's a crawl and the other half a walk - progress.

After a hot dog or two, we moved the party inside for some s'mores.

It was really low key, but in Carter's eyes it was "da best picnic ever!"

They are lucky to have such a fun dad!


  1. I love this! What a fun way to spend a Friday night!!

  2. And now I want Cheetos.....


  3. I LOVE how your family embraces simple moments like this. When my little one comes, and is a little older, I want us to have picnics in the backyard just like this. :) Simple moments are the best moments!!

  4. Best picnic is right! I want to get in on that action!! I love that little kids are impressed my minimal things. And yay for fun dads!!