Thursday, May 15, 2014

Branding 2014

Yesterday we branded our small herd of cattle.  We're one baby calf away from all of the moms having calved, so we'll have to catch that one later.  The boys were excited to come watch all of the "cowboys" do their work.

Helping Elley as they sorted the babies from the mommas. 

John Paul didn't quite get in on the action, but he was pretty content just watching for awhile...
Deciding which ones we wanted to keep for bulls...
Then the boys got distracted by the tools.

I asked them to put their arms around each other for a picture.

But, they had "work to do" over at the water tank.
Elley getting all of the medicine ready.
Uncle Chase and a friend waiting to flank.
Our little babies.

Papa dragging.
The crew at work.

Carter evaluating what was going on.

"Hmmm, what do I mell?"

"Been ranchin' long?"

Peter's calf.

And, a little horseplay at the end.

John Paul not too happy on Uncle Chase's horse.
Finally, getting all the meds put back and calling it a day.
Only a few hundred more to go, but branding season has officially begun!


  1. These pictures are so professional!! I am so impressed!! Unreal!! Your kids are precious.

  2. Ahhhh I LOVE this. I remember watching in amazement when it was time to brand. The boys are too cute!

  3. Oh, what lucky boys you have! I bet they had a blast.