Thursday, May 12, 2016

Taking Stock | Spring

(outside our window last night)

taking stock // spring

making: plans...for homeschooling, simplifying, photo shoots and everything in between

cooking: a meal for a friend who lost her grandfather.  Included was this potato salad (usually I don't like potato salad).

drinking: water and black coffee.  I'm boring.  BUT!  I want to try this.

wanting:  It's been a rough week in that department.

looking: at these for Sophie's birthday.

playing: hungry hippos.

wasting: too many calories on a candy bar that was supposed to be for the kids.  Oops.

sewing: nothing.  Per usual.

wishing: I made more time for reading aloud.  I aim to change that.

enjoying: the warmth that's made its way into our days!

wondering: if there's ever a time I won't be worrying about something about my kids.

hoping: Genevieve's cough finally subsides soon.

marveling: at how much we've been blessed. Always.

smelling: the cilantro still on my hands from that potato salad mentioned above.

needing: nothing really.  And, trying to remind myself that most things I think are "needs" really arent.

wearing: skinnies, a chambray shirt and my chucks.

following: Father Riccardo, Father Michael Schmitz and Brooke Taylor with my latest podcast obsession.  

noticing: that my days go much smoother when I make time to pray, even if it seems like I don't have time to.  I'm a slow learner.

knowing: that in one month, I get to squeeze my sister and nephew's neck as they come for a visit!

thinking: about a podcast I just listened to of Father Riccardo's as he was giving a homily at his brother's funeral.  He said so many beautiful things, but one that stuck, "What we do here on earth echoes in eternity."  I must make it count. 

bookmarking: always these devotions.

opening: a sweet letter from the priest who married us saying that he was hoping to visit this summer!

giggling: at John Paul again.  The other morning I was hoping to see how many steps I could get in during one mile on a stationary bike.  As I sat down, I realized the seat had been messed with, and I almost fell.  I looked at him and asked, "Who did this???"  His response: "Hey friends!  The word of the day is...ANNNNGRY!"

feeling: sooo grateful for my lot in life...and praying that I act more grateful even on the tough days.

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