Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our Days with the Chicks

Okay guys, this is our life now...these little chicks.  So, get ready to see some more posts.  We've brought them into the yard during the days, and the kids cannot get enough.  We've had two accidents, and the boys have tried to give a couple of them a bath (bad idea).  But, beyond those things, they're great!  They've pulled out a stroller and give them rides around the yard.  They let them perch on their fingers and try to fly.  And, mainly they just take great care of them.

Sophie has a harder time getting to them fast enough to catch them.

After Sophie and I got home from Mass Saturday night, Jeremy took the boys to the next Mass, and I started supper.  Well, I looked out and couldn't see Sophie.  I didn't know that the chicks were still in the yard (instead of in their home).  When I went to peek in, I saw this.

She was just sitting in the pen waiting for them to run by so she could pet them.

I couldn't get her to come inside.

So, I'll have to say that buying these chicks has been a great decision!  Very soon, we have to get the coop ready, so I'll let you know how that goes!

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