Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Gardening Adventure

We have had a garden before, yet never a hugely successful one.  Admittedly, I may be the worst person in the world with plants of any kind.  Oh well.  I keep trying.  My cousin built raised beds last year, and I was so impressed by her garden that we decided to do the same this year.  It started a few months back.  We previously had this little area simply laid with the black stuff and a watering system.  

Carter wanted to take a picture of me...

We all worked on it, but Jeremy did so much of it, and it wasn't easy.

He made sure each box would be level and framed them up.

Then, once he finished with the six boxes, I talked him into a longer one for our corn and beans.

Finally, it was time to plant.

Oops, captured a bonk on the head!

We planted some asparagus that a friend gave us right next to the boxes.

We have a box of potatoes, one of squash varieties, one with cucumbers, one with onions, shallots and carrots, two with tomatoes and a long one with corn and beans!  On the ground, we plan to cover most everything back up with the black stuff, but we've left a space for our pumpkins and cantaloupe! 

And, we're praying they all work!

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