Friday, May 27, 2016

Genevieve: 6 months

We'll be lucky if I get a 52 post up this week.  Until then, here's the little peanut at 6 months...

I know, I know, a thousand photos that look the same, but I can never decide.  Here is what she's up to:

Weighing 15.5 pounds.
Measuring 26 inches which puts her in the 50th percentile in both categories and ranks her as our most petite - with a 9 month old sized head though.
Sleeping about 12 hours at night.
Wearing  a size 1 diaper and 6 month clothes.
Eating every kind of baby food.
Smiling all day long.
Rolling over but not sitting up.
Making it with with no teeth yet (I was so wrong about my prediction that the two bottom ones would pop through weeks ago.
And, I think she'll have green eyes...a first for us!

And, that's about it.  We love, love, love her!

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