Thursday, December 10, 2015

Her Name: Genevieve Mary Rose

I was going to wait to write this post until I had more of her newborn photos edited, but that hasn't been happening lately, so here goes.

As with Sophie, picking Genevieve's name was really hard for us.  It seems like we had a boy name that we knew from the start, but we wrestled with the girl name until we headed to the hospital the morning of the 19th.  In fact, we sat on the middle name for a day before we made it official.  That might have been one of the most difficult parts for me in not knowing the gender...not fully committing to a name beforehand.  I'm a bit of a planner - plus, I feel like I have to sit with a name for awhile before I completely love it.  None of that happened this time around.

Up until the very final day, the contenders were Gemma, Emilia, Lucy, and Genevieve.  We threw others around here and there, but these are the ones that made it through to the end.  At one point she was Gemma, and I really thought she would be Gemma in the end.  I had just grown used to it in my mind.  Plus I had grown to love the saint and the way she dealt with suffering in her life.  I just felt connected to her.  Emilia was a name we didn't think of with Sophie - it was new on the list.  And, the saint's story is beautiful...a mom of many (two of which became saints!).  Lucy has always been a favorite.  And, Genevieve...a beautiful name and a saint, too (and, the name of a wonderful cousin of ours)!

Mary had always been the middle name for this little one.  I have loved it forever, and while Jeremy loved it, too, he didn't feel it was right for the first name.

As her birth approached, Jeremy grew more in love with Genevieve.  I loved it, too, but it just seemed like such a big name for a tiny baby.  Then, I read her story...a simple life, yet one full of prayer and love.

Then the curve ball came, and we found out she was coming a week earlier than expected.  Naturally, I was both excited and a little scared.  As any mom would be, I was just worried that she might not be okay.  Then my cousin sent me a text message and said what a wonderful day it would be for her to come into the world...on the birthday of my great aunt who was taken from this world right before my sister was great aunt Rozann, my sister's namesake.  She was adored by all who knew her, as is my sister.  I was put more at ease, and it was then that I thought of the name Rose.

RosaLee is my grandmother's name.  Rozann is my sister's name and my great aunt's who this little one would share a birthday with.   So, to incorporate all of these amazing women...I thought we just might have to add Rose.  However, I didn't want to take Mary out, because of the honor for Our Mother and my other grandmother.  Quickly, I looked up the story of Saint Rose of Lima.   I was sold.

Mary Rose.  I only struggled with adding two names to an already long name.  But the more I thought of it, the more I didn't want it any other way.  And, Jeremy loved it!  So, that's what she would be...if she was a "she" in fact.

Genevieve Mary Rose...our sweet little angel.  She has such a big name, and even bigger models whose names they were.  Yet, that's what we've always give our children names that will provide an example of heroic faith, love and character.   Each of them carry names of amazing saints and/or family members.  When they are faced with challenges this life is sure to bring, I hope in those moments they see who has gone before them and realize the strength to be just as much of a hero is in them, too!

It is a big name...but I pray she might just be that big herself!

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