Thursday, December 3, 2015

46/52: The Day Before

Playing a little catch-up here...

The night before we welcomed sweet Genevieve, we stayed in Amarillo with Pops and Mimi.  They live on a golf course, and it was a bit cold for people to be out why not play a little frisbee and hula hoop?

Carter // 5 - He was so enjoying playing catch with his daddy until his daddy became a "horrible thrower!"

Peter // 4 - He was the king of the hula hoop in his interesting clothing ensemble.  

John Paul // 2 - He was just running off lots and lots of energy.

Sophie // 1 - She found a dandelion, and I asked her to blow it.  She might have gotten most of it in her mouth.

I don't know what happens to me as the days draw near to adding another baby to the family.  I know from experience that the minute I put that new baby in my hands, my love for my kiddos grows exponentially!  However, in those final days, I always worry about my baby losing his/her place.  I worry about my oldest feeling like he lacks attention.  I feel like the middles wonder if they're lost in the mix.  Mainly, I just worry that they don't know how very special each and every one of them is to me and how very much I love them.  So, this evening out on the course with each of them and only us was good for the soul.  And you know what?!   They love everything this mew addition has brought just as much as I do!

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