Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Genevieve's Newborn Photos and What They Have Said

All of the kids met Genevieve just moments after birth!  Then, they went to stay with grandparents for a few days.  But, when they came to see Genevieve at home, they were full of joy and wonderful things to say.  I've written down most of them, but as the days have gone by, I've forgotten some. Some of the sweetest are here...

John Paul, on seeing his "new littlest sister" couldn't quit smiling.  He then looked up at me and said, "Why did she choose us?"  Sweet, sweet boy.

Peter was fascinated with her littleness.  "Ohhhhh, look at her tiny toesies and tiny nose!"

Sophie just kept saying "Baba!!" as she would give her a kiss about every ten seconds.

"I just love my new littlest sister."  JP

Carter was thrilled and kept saying, "Momma, we prayed and prayed for this little girl!" We did.

"She is sooooo cute!" Carter

"She's a gift from God!" Carter

"We've got to get her out of her PJs and put her pretty clothes on!"  Peter loved to help dress her the first few days.

"Momma, we need to have this many babies" - Peter (holding up 10 fingers)

Peter was distraught that Elley didn't get a baby from the hospital, too, and he didn't really want to share his Genevieve, so after our daily prayers, he would say, "Dear Jesus, please please please put a baby in Elley's tummy." 

"Sophie, come see your baby sister!  Prepare to be A-Mazed!" - Carter

And, I finally got her newborn photos edited.  We took them on a few different occasions, so there's some variety.  The ones of Genevieve and me, my mom took!


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