Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas : Mimi & Pops

 I'm going to do a little re-cap of our Christmas celebrations with both my side and Jeremy's side.  Not much more than a photo dump (and a big one at that!), but I want it for the good ol' scrapbook.  So, here goes...

When we arrived in Amarillo the week before Christmas, Mimi had the cutest little edible paint sugar cookies for the kids to make.  They painted the scene on their cookie and then ate away!

 Sophie even got in on the fun!

We watched a movie here and there while waiting on the cousins...

Then we tried to grab a quick photo of all the cousins - five boys and two girls!

 Gus was so sweet with the little ones
 And, the boys answered a few questions about the Christmas story before we opened gifts.
I think Carter got an answer right, ha!

Then we ate and opened gifts together.

Sophie was really sweet with all the boys this time.

 And, John Paul was quick to make himself at home.

Genevieve was mainly napping the whole time, but she got in lots of cuddles!

It was really the best - it always is!

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