Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Last Days of Summer

The mornings are getting cooler now and the nights are coming sooner.  That time of year when I can actually wear my fleece all day is just around the corner.  

Usually, it's my favorite time of year, but for some reason, this year, I'm a little sad to see summer fading away.  I can't really pinpoint why.  I think part of it is just being a parent and realizing just how quickly time is passing.  I truly feel like we didn't have a summer.  Maybe it was because we were preparing for my sister's wedding and attending that beautiful event.  Perhaps it was the addition of this sweet thing. Maybe it was just being so busy with this, this or even this.
Whatever it is, I'm going to miss certain things for sure.  Like the days of watching the boys play outside with not a care in the world (and thus it being a little quieter inside from time to time).  

Or having enough daylight left when Daddy gets home to get a lot of rough-housing in.

I'll miss the feel of summer even if it was busy.  

But, I have to remind myself why I love fall.  It means a busy time for cattlework but the promise that things will really slow down when the weather gets cold.  While it always takes some getting used to, when the time changes, it forces us to finish things early and simply be together in our home, enjoying those little moments that busyness can sometimes steal.   

We are soaking up these last few weeks of summer while we still can, late into the evening, on "tiney hiney" chairs, surrounded by four of the sweetest yet orneriest little ones we know.


  1. Goodness, Britt! Peter and Carter both look SO tall in these pictures!!

  2. Even though I love fall, I'm always a little wistful when summer ends. I think it's because school is beginning and it's yet another reminder that my kids are getting older...sigh...

  3. Love all your photos!!! Beautiful! I love how your capture what your heart sees! <3

  4. Beautiful post and pictures. You surely have a gift for painting words through them!