Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Thoughts and Links

We have the cutest little coffee shop/cafe just about seven miles away.  The boys kids (I still have a hard time not saying "boys") and I went there this week for a little breakfast pretzel.  It was really hard to eat just one.  Back to the point though...the sweet owner of the shop is so good to the kids. Seriously, so good.  They adore her.  I do, too.  One of the young men she has working for her (who we love too!) came over to our house for some tutoring and look what he had with him...
 Four of these and a nutella cinnamon roll.  

It completely made our day.  It's those little things...the kind, unexpected acts that let you know others are thinking of you...that make you thankful for people.  Angela and Miles, we won't forget. Thank you!

John Paul has been sleeping late these days - until 9:30 some mornings (crazy but wonderful!).  I went to get him out of bed yesterday and walked him into the kitchen for his breakfast.  He squinted his eyes, and grumbled, "I neeeeed coffeeee!"  I don't think I've ever acted that desperate for mine, but maybe so.  He's a character!

Carter, I think, is getting out of the stage where he takes a long nap every day.  I'm praying that's not the case, but at least once a week, we have troubles with nap time.  Usually he has a "weeeealy stwange dweam" or a "big supwise" for me!  Earlier this week I really needed nap time to work on a few things, and he kept getting up.  I got more and more frustrated with the creaking open of his door for the sixth or seventh time.  I finally got really stern, and he stayed in his room another thirty minutes.  When he came out he said with a huge smile on his face, "Momma!  I finally did just lay down, smile and offer my day to Jesus for YOU!  So, it's okay, Momma!"  I needed that offering.

Peter's my quietest one.  Hence the lack of quotes from him.  

Carter has been really into swinging these days...but not himself.  Instead, he's the pusher, and here's the victim...
Good ol' Teddy.

I just finished this book.  I never read anymore, but for some reason I stuck with this one.  And the verdict: as always, when I have to tell myself to stick with it, instead I should give it up.  It was well-written, and it kept me interested.  It was just...heavy.  Not something I needed right now.  Have you read any good books lately?

One of my shows (who am I kidding, we never watch TV in real time, but I like a couple of shows) premiered this week for the new season.  Blacklist.  Umm, a bit creepy for anyone else?  This is getting intense!

Anyone have a buffalo check shirt or tunic they just love?  I'm looking for one.

If you're looking for the sweetest post ever, look at this.  

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Read this.

How about I leave you with a Sophie picture?!  Just incase you've never seen her before (yeah, right).
 And another...

Okay, I'm done.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. My son saw the first picture and said, "Wow! A cookie the size of his head!" Hahahahahaha!

    Sophie is filling out and looking as adorable as ever :)

  2. I think any post ending with a Sophie picture is a good post.

    And the coffee comment!! Too funny.

  3. Oh my gosh -- that blue smocked dress. I'm dying. Haven't had a chance to do more than glance at this post and still -- I'm dying. (Ack! I want a girl so badly!)

  4. she is just so darling, so sweet.

  5. That dress! I am a sucker for a girl in smocking. Even on my six year old big girl. I think we are going to push for her to go to prom in a smocked dress. ;)

  6. Sophia pictures could never get old! I love her serious, wide-eyed expressions so much. Just too cute!!!!
    And THAT is a cookie, I must say! I love special surprises like that too... It is nice to know that someone was thinking about you and wanted to show they care 'just because'. We need more of that in this world. :)