Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Red or Green?

Green.  Always Green.  

It's chile/chili (I've seen it both ways) season here in New Mexico, and August/September brings with it the smell of roasting and the addition of a little spice to our food.  Every year, we buy a bushel of mild (I'm not too tough), and we put it up for the year.  Our local grocery store roasts it for us!

It comes in a garbage bag, hot and ready to eat.
We typically put 8-10 in quart-sized freezer bags and pop them in the freezer for the remainder of the year.
When we're ready to eat some, we thaw them and then cut off the tops.

I like to try to scrape as many seeds away as I can.  I think this takes away some of the spice.
Once I get a big stack, I chop them up.
Finally, I add a little garlic salt and butter to them and warm them in the microwave for about thirty seconds.
They are amazing as a topper to almost any piece of meat.  Here I have them with Tilapia, tomato and avocado.  Green Chili Stew is hard to beat, too.

So, here's our stash for winter.

Come on over and we'll warm you up!


  1. Mmm, I love autumn in NM for the chile roasting! The fish with avocado and tomato and chile looks quite tasty.


    1. ME TOO! Don't we live in a great state?! You need to try it on fish sometime - adds just a kick.

  2. Oh my goodness YUM!! I would devour these so fast!!

  3. yummm! wish I could come over :) Love your food posts!!

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