Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Yesterday morning, when I got John Paul out of bed, I had Sophie up, too (and Carter and Peter were enjoying their breakfast in the kitchen).  I laid her on his bed, grabbed him and put him beside her while I turned around to get a diaper and his clothes for the day.  When I turned back around, I saw this!  
He held her hand long enough for me to run to the other room, grab the camera and snap this picture.

"I hold Sopie's haaand!"

Siblings.  They are such beautiful gifts.

When I was getting a few quick groceries on Sunday, I took Sophie with me.  She wasn't up for laying in the little part of the cart, so I held her while I tried to put a few things in my cart (where is that baby wrap I've only worn once??).  As I started to check out, the cashier said, "So, the real question is, are you stopping now?"

I've learned to smile.

With true joy (finally).  I told her, "I hope not."

The days can be crazy.  Yet, we've gotten into somewhat of a groove.  Yes, yesterday seemed a little chaotic.  I had just finished the laundry, told Carter to get back in bed for his nap for the sixth time, and sat down to respond to a few emails when Sophie began to cry.  Hadn't I just fed her (I guess it really was three hours ago)?  As I was feeding her, John Paul woke up and cried out for me to get him.  Then I realized it was 4:30 and Carter needed to get up so he'd go to bed for the night at a decent hour.  I opened his door not realizing he had finally fallen asleep right by the door.  Bonk!

After I settled him, I went to rustle Peter (he's a heavy sleeper).  He had wet the bed.  Our bed.  Our bedding that takes what seems like a million cycles to dry (did I mention, I had just finished the laundry?).

Then just as Daddy got home, Peter rushed to open the door and ran it right over his shoeless toes. Yes, his big toenail is hanging by a piece of skin.  He began to wail (as I would have), and blood was coming quickly.  In the craziness of me trying to find something a bit better than a bandaid and Daddy running cold water to keep the bleeding to a minimum, Carter runs after me saying, "I sure hope Peter is okay."  And, I get back to the bathroom, where Peter is still so upset, to see John Paul an inch from his face with, "What happen Peder??" on repeat quickly followed by, "You otay???"

Nevermind Peter shoving him away.  This might be the time to remind him that he punched John Paul in the face on Sunday after John Paul tried to take a toy away.  The same brother he slugged was worried sick that his older brother was hurt.

Yes, there are moments when I get a little crazy. Some days go better than others, and I spend a lot of time saying, "I'm sorry."  But in the midst of the chaos, beauty shines through.  They love each other. I mean really love each other.  If one wakes up before the others, he asks where his brothers are, almost not knowing what to do alone.  I'm often hearing of "huge pwoblems" that need immediate attention, and at the other end of those scenarios are typically little boys who need help off of the rock wall or the top bunk.

They look out for each other.  No, they're not always chummy.  But what relationship is?  On a much, much deeper level, they are each other's best friends.  Each sibling is a gift to the rest.  A gift that cannot be bought and one that is never guaranteed.  Yet, I believe it has the power to be one of the most beautiful this side of Heaven.

It's in moments like the one I captured yesterday that I'm reminded of the beauty of it all.  As big of blessings as these little ones are to me (and I can't think of anything greater), they have the power to be even more to each other.

As I sneaked into our room last night, quiet not to wake Sophie in her crib, I knew I'd be sleeping with a blanket while those sheets got clean.  But instead of being frustrated this time, I was thankful that I was given an opportunity in the center of the crazy afternoon to witness a love that I often overlook.  As hard as it was to witness, Peter's pain will go away, just like the pain in John Paul's nose from Sunday.  But what will remain is the knowing that they're not alone...the deepest sense of feeling that they have someone with them always, someone who can forget their own hurt and seek to comfort the other.  A brother.  A sister.  A friend.

While they didn't choose their siblings, they do choose to love them, and I see it every the midst of the chaos.

If we're blessed with the opportunity to add more to that tight inner circle, I don't think we'll be able to say no.

Are we done?  I hope not.


  1. Beautiful post, Britt. I can so relate to the craziness of a day…and the desire to grow a family. :)

  2. So beautiful. I'm already loving the sibling love with Celia and Michael, I can only imagine what it will be in a few years.

  3. Beautiful! Aren't siblings the most wonderful gift?

  4. This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing the chaos that does occur but also pointing out all those little moments that make it worth it :-)

  5. How wonderful. And isn't that just the way- the kid who punched his brother yesterday is the one who's the most concerned today! (And Sophie's face in the picture! Too sweet.

  6. Absolutely beautiful!! Babies are such a gift from God, and there is nothing like the closeness of siblings!! My sister and I are four years apart, but we are the BEST of friends! :)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. <3

  8. Beautiful, Britt. I am sure -- without a doubt -- that the best gift we've ever given to our boys is their brothers.

    When my own brother and I were kids, we always wanted another sibling. We begged our parents, but they wanted just two children. They're both from big families and while that might have turned them off of having one of their own, the example of their relationships with their siblings made me want more so, so badly. I love the love and support my aunts and uncles give to each other. I hope my boys do the same someday.

  9. I love love LOVE how quick they are to forgive and how concerned they are with whatever's happening with the others, even if they've spent all day fighting. What a gift they are to each other, indeed!

    Also, Sophie's expression in nearly every picture - she cracks me up :)