Monday, September 22, 2014


When I was in Dallas in August for The Hundred Event, I met a few ladies representing Joules clothing.  I learned that they were a company that began in the UK countryside and that "feel" still remained in their product line.  Visiting more with them, I grew to love their down-to-earth style and authenticity.  I told them that I grew up in the country, and my husband and I had chosen that life for our kids as well.  Now, while the countryside of New Mexico looks quite different than that of the UK, I offered to do a little blog post showcasing their clothing.  So, they generously gifted us a few items of our choosing...

I rounded the boys up one evening and dressed them in their new duds before heading out to see the cattle.  

John Paul's attire: shirt - Joules // pants - Target // shoes - Sperry
Peter's attire: shirt - Target // pants - Joules // shoes - Sperry

Carter's attire: shirt - Joules // pants - Polo // shoes - Sperry
At one point the boys just wanted to toss a few rocks near the cows to see what would happen. Nothing did.  Thank goodness.  I think even those mommas understand that boys will be boys.

Peter tried to have a stare-down with some of the calves.  They outlasted him.

And, all Carter wanted was for them to chase him.

I even got Sophie out there for a few photos.  I'm just praying for more rain so these fun rain boots will be put to great use!Sophie's attire: dress - Joules (sold out) // onesie - Gerber

My rain boots are also from Joules!
We love our clothes!  I cannot say enough about this line of clothing!  It's so well-made, yet it's comfortable and affordable!  It washes well and runs true-to-size.  It's also great to be able to put a face to a brand and know that our purchases are supporting a company that values a simple, yet full, life.  We do, too!

Thanks Joules!  We'll be customers for life!


  1. these are such great pictures, britt!! love them, and the clothes.

  2. Oh my goodness....Sophie's chubby cheeks! And the picture of Carter running from the cows.....precious.

  3. That style of clothing is definitely my favorite for little boys. So preppy and cute!! And oh my goodness, your little ones make the most adorable little models. :)

  4. Oh, Britt! These photos are gorgeous! I love love love how you captured the boys with that stunning glow in the fields! Beautiful! I love all things Joules now too! Just need to start budgeting in hopes to purchase a few things ;)

  5. Your family is gorgeous!! As are those photos. Girl, you are a real photographer. What a great shoot and what a nice selection of outfits.

  6. OH my goodness how adorable are these! Your family is beautiful and my obsession with Joules is growing by the day.

  7. Such cute outfits!!!! And great pictures! I can't get over the cows. haha :)

  8. such handsome, dapper little guys! love the clothes too....and gorgeous captures!!