Monday, September 23, 2013

The Scarf Swap

Last year I saw it done, but I was too late to sign up.  This year I was ready.

Meredith of the Tichenor Family Blog has hosted an internet scarf swap for a few years.  You can read more about it here.  Basically, you sign up for this exchange.  Then, you are given a partner.  You have approximately two weeks to get to know your scarf swap partner via email, blogs, pinterest, etc.  Then, you purchase and send a scarf to your partner, and you receive one in the mail in exchange.

I was paired with sweet Jen and had so much fun picking out a scarf for her.  I also love, love, love the scarf she sent me.  
 ^^^a black scarf with off-white little birds. I almost bought a similar one in navy a week before I received this.  I would say she hit the nail on the head!

My first day wearing it...

It was such a fun thing to participate in, and even better to get to know another blogger!  Thanks for hosting, Meredith - can't wait until next year!  And Jen, thanks again for such a fun piece for fall!


  1. I'm SO glad you like it!!! It looks great!! I loved getting to know you as well as find your fun blog! P.S., I love my new scarf as well!! Heading over now to write my post! ;))

  2. How FUN! And that scarf looks lovely on you!!!