Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen again this Friday for Seven Quick Takes.
7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 231)
I am excited about this game this weekend.  They may blow us out of the water, or we may end up on top again.  Either way, it will be fun to watch!  My cousin is an Alabama grad, so us watching it together will make it even more interesting.

Why is it that I feel so connected to bloggers that I don't even know?  Maybe it's because the blogs I read are mainly those of ladies in a similar state in life, and each others' daily lives build solidarity across the www?  Maybe it's because sometimes I think, "If we could just sit and have a cup of coffee, it would be like we were old friends catching up."  Sometimes I think it is just easy.  Much like texting has taken the place (sort of) of calling, and catching up more than likely means looking at others' social media pages, it's easy to connect to other bloggers in the comfort of your home while your littles are sleeping and you're looking to be inspired, laugh at similar parenting circumstances, be reassured that everything will be okay or simply take a break from the day to day.  Ahh, whatever it is, I feel connected to a ton of amazing women who I don't really even know, and I love it.

My friend, Carin, who I wrote about a week or so ago (here), is in the hospital now for good until her little one arrives.  She is on bed rest.  At 25 weeks.  Please, please say a prayer for her and her precious family as they wait this out.  

Made this butternut squash soup yesterday.  It was a chilly (65 degree) day and was drizzling all day long.  My kind of day.  This soup was perfect for the weather and tasty, too! I typed that line as I was cooking it.  While my husband liked it, the spices weren't really my style.  So, I'm looking forward to what's in the crock pot now...

Red Beans and Rice for a meatless Friday in this house.  One of my favorites!

I received this Madewell catalog in the mail yesterday, and I love so many things.  Here are a couple of its pages:
The flannel top.  The silk blouse.  The shoes.  
A little envious that my sister is living literally a block away from one of their Chicago stores.

I've been able to pull my Hunters out.  So, so thankful that it's been a constant state of drizzle the last two days and prayerful that it keeps up!

Have a blessed weekend, and take a look at the other takes on Conversion Dairy!


  1. Well the report from College Station is that it's already chaos in this town! Tailgaters are already out and about this morning. Seriously, I could hardly get to work. Game Day is here. Tickets are selling for $500 a piece. It's going to be a big weekend!


  2. Love those red flats! And the Hunters. I have shoes on the brain this morning, apparently.

    It's awesome when you stumble across another blog that is like a virtual BFF. Such a cool way to connect to people.


  3. I love these favorites! I watched the A&M/ALA game with an aggie here in Chicago last year. One of my favorite Chicago memories. It was like I was walking into WingsnMore with you!

  4. Just found your blog, arriving from Jen's Conversion Diary...My husband and I didn't attend A & M but travel from Indiana to Texas almost every year with our best friends, and he is a class of '51 graduate. He has taken us to so many games over the years (can't afford them now!) that we have a dresser drawer full of maroon t-shirts and "belong" to the local club. In fact, we are having a brisket/ribs/wine party at our house tomorrow for the Alabama game! Gig 'Em Aggies!!!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! What a neat thing that you've gotten so tied to Aggies. Have the best time tomorrow - wish I was there :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out! And I totally want those red shoes!

  6. My husband will be at the game. I am super envious of your weather. Yay for soup days!