Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Bit of Our Days Around Here

Before I say anything about what has been happening here on the ranch, I would like to point you to a post from my incredible sister at Word on Fire.  If you do nothing else today, read this.

We had a fun kind of busy Sunday.  Jeremy and I received this old church pew as a gift from an abandoned Catholic church in the area.  It wasn't in terrible shape by any means, but it needed a few coats of varnish and sealer to be ready for outside.  So, the boys grabbed their brushes and helped us clean it!

 ^^^Peter going back for another round of water
 ^^^He took a break to water the flowers as well
^^^The finished product

I had a huge basil plant in my garden this year that I would use here and there for caprese salad, but that was about it.  So, I decided to chop it down and try drying it for use later.  The house smelled not so good for a few hours (because I did a quick dry in the microwave), but it was so much fun to do!

Carter and Peter woke up this morning ready to work.  They have fixed multiple toys, our walls, the floors and each other.

This morning we received a load of cows.  With the incredible moisture we've been receiving, and thanks to my parents' care for the land, we're able to slowing start building the cattle herd back up.
^^^Pretty mommas in a new place.

It's cloudy and misty again here today.  Long-sleeve t-shirt kind of day, and we're enjoying it!


  1. How awesome to receive a church pew for free! I've always wanted to have a big wrap around porch with an old church pew on it. The shape of yours is really neat. Adorable pics of the boys, too! :)

  2. The pew is beautiful. So is that cloudy day!

    And you have very talented young guys in your house - look at them being carpenters, mechanics, and doctors with their tools!


  3. Thanks for the link to Rozann's post - an EXCELLENT description of the issue. And what a relief to hear that the rains are continuing - the Lord restores the that the locusts have eaten! I'm sure with a house full of well-equipped handymen everything is humming along well.

  4. How in the world you have time to plant, tend to, pick, dry, and make adorable labels for your basil is beyond me. And I could not be any more jealous of your pew--what a fun piece to have!


  5. Brit,

    Where did you get their belt buckles made?

  6. Hopefully my settings are right. :) I'm not much of a blogger.....