Monday, September 23, 2013

The Crownie

So, I was reading Wifessionals last week and was sucked into a recipe she posted.  She called it a crownie (cookie+brownie), and I took the bait.

Yesterday, I made them.  The only thing I changed from her recipe is using store-bought cookie dough (so easy if you're in a hurry).

Well, as expected, they are to die for.  And, they keep well too!  I really think they would ship well in a care package.  Plus, there are so many variations you can try (Reeses instead of Oreos?).  Try some today!


  1. Uh oh! Serious addiction detected!

  2. That is, OPPORTUNITY for serious addiction!

  3. Oh my... May have to try these. So much for my no sugar diet. :)

  4. Crownies are being made up in this little home of ours tomorrow for bible study! I. Am. So. Excited! Thanks for sharing :) And, I'm sure our bible study will be thanking you too!