Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the Minds of Kids

I put the boys down for their naps and still heard them making noise an hour later.  I went in to find Carter curled up on his kid-sized chair next to Peter's crib, still awake...
Me: Carter!  Get in bed.
Carter: Momma, I am!  I jus want to be like Baby Jesus.
Me: Carter, Baby Jesus didn't sleep in a chair when he was three (I don't think).
Carter gets in bed.  A few hours later while we were playing on the swing set...
Carter: So....Baby Jesus didn't have a bed???

When John Paul went down for his nap, Carter went to the DVD player, put in a VeggieTale and then
looked back at me...
"Momma!  I'm dunna watch a movie.  That sound like a plan???"

John Paul is crawling, and therefore trying to grab everything in his brothers' hands.  The older boys aren't too fond of it.  Peter was playing with PaPa's rosary, and John Paul grabbed it.  Peter kept pulling away until he yelled...
"EL-LEY! Tew John Paul-o nono!"

When we were getting out of the car to go in for our final doctor check-up for Carter (after his crazy week of sickness) he said...
"Momma, I will be dood for Dr. Jay.  BUT, after dis, I will not be sick for a long, long time."

Carter playing Doctor...
"Here, Momma, be bwave!  (gives shot).  It will be all better in da mornin and you miiight get some ice cream!"

Daddy walks in to a room where all the pillows have been piled on the floor and the books are no longer on the shelves...
Carter: Dad, it's not a mess...jus new decowation!

Peter has a hard time with wanting to eat everything on his plate but also wanting to hurry and play.  So, often when there are 3-4 bites remaining, he stuffs it all in his mouth and then tries to say, "be cused (be excused?)"  Well, he did this again and had a disgruntled look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong, and Carter immediately piped up, "Heartburn."

And on a completely unrelated note, Carter has been quite fashion-forward these days...

Hope your day is a funny as ours can be!


  1. I am laughing out loud at that last picture. Seriously dying laughing.

  2. Man. Your kids are cute. And witty. These posts make me smile every time.


  3. "Heartburn." Awesome. Where does he come up with this stuff?!?