Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Everyday: Volume 2

Carter and I whipped up some old-fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies today. Again, we made a few modifications to make them our own and got to cooking.  This time, Carter's favorite things were eating the chocolate chips and then presenting his Daddy with a cookie he made, "All by myself!"

Here's to cookie-making and family fun!

my favorite picture of the day...

Peter participated in the eating of the cookies...

In an attempt to work on giving more of ourselves and bringing more joy to life, we delivered half of these to a couple in town.  Carter got to ring the bell and give them away...he was one proud little boy!  Until next week...happy day!


  1. Awesome... great depth of field with the cookie shots! :-)

    1. Oh, thanks! I don't REALLY know what I am doing, but I'm just trying for some fun shots.

  2. Pioneer Woman eat your heart out :)

  3. I am with Candra!! Eat your heart out, and have a cookie. (And if you are reading this, Ree, we adore you. It's all in good fun.)

  4. Those look so yummy. I love chewy cookies. Love the picture of the chubby little fingers and the measuring spoons.