Thursday, January 10, 2013

QOTW: Carter (1/10/13)

I have not written a recent update on Carter, so here are a few things he's up to these days (for the records):

Carter talks a mile a minute.  He goes non-stop from wake-up times to nap times.  He loves, loves, loves people, and warms up very quickly.  He is a silly kid and always has a witty remark.  His brother(s) and his blanket are still his best friends.  Carter isn't much of an eater these days, but he drinks his weight in milk. He loves to fix things, draw, watch "cartoonies," be outside, and read (basically memorizes the books after one sitting).  Never a day goes by that he doesn't ask to give me a "hug and a big tiss" - my favorite part of the day!  As evidenced by the quotes of the week, he keeps me on my toes!

We got a new area rug for the dining room and put it down when the boys were asleep last night, when Carter woke up, he exclaimed, "Wow!  Oh my, look at da new carpet,  It is so bouncy (thick)!"

When in the truck with his dad yesterday, Carter said, "Daddy, I having a hard time trusting God!"  Jeremy asked why.  "Well, because I can't see Him!"  We had read the story of Sarah and Abraham a few days earlier.  Guess he was paying attention!

"OH NO, Mommy, my hiney is broken!"  I asked where, and he pointed to his crack.  

I was walking around the house asking where Carter was.  He responded from the play room, "Don't worry, Mommy, I just welding a yittle bit, and I have my helmet on!"  Safety first.  Here is a picture of his helmet.  He has an imagination, too ;)

Carter asked if he could have bacon this morning for breakfast.  When I told him I already had sausage going, he said, "Well, hot dog!"

Anytime I make a meal he likes he says, "You a good cookie (cook), Mommy."  Or, if I read a book, "You a fun reader, Mommy."  He's pretty sweet.

Finally, when he's upset, after he cries a bit, he'll usually say, "A yittle milk will feel me better, Mommy."  

He wanted me to take a picture of his puppy...

Thank God for little boys!

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