Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas with the Fisks...

With John Paul being so tiny and having trouble gaining weight, we opted to stay home as much as we could during the holidays (to avoid sickness) and went to Amarillo only once (for his two week appointment and PKU follow-up), so we coordinated appointments with a Fisk Family Christmas celebration!
It was a wonderful two days of playing, eating, opening gifts, playing with (aka breaking) Pops' Polar Express train about a hundred times, seeing family and simply enjoying time together. 
Peter was particularly excited here.

Carter and Peter getting some use of Mimi's Barbie jeep (maybe we'll have a little girl in it someday) :)

Rough-housing with Daddy.

Peter loves his Mimi.

Re-aligning the train (again).
The best dad there is.

The traditional reading of the Christmas story according to Luke. 

Sam helping out with the reading!

Carter paying attention :)

Time to pass out presents!

Carter was so much more involved this year with everything and loved every part of Christmas!
Helping Peter open a few gifts, too.

Taking Aunt Sarah her present.

Peter doesn't really know what to think of all the commotion.

But he loved his new toys!

Aunt Sarah and John Paul.
The boys finally playing together. 

Gus, Peter and I being silly for Sam (the photographer of the moment)...

After opening gifts and eating an amazing meal, our family and Mimi and Pops loaded in our car and went for a tour of the "Crimas Lights."  After every house, Carter would excitedly ask, "ARE THERE MORE CRIMAS LIGHTS?"  Then he would say, "Oh, this is SO fun!"  What a precious little angel.  His excitement for the season was contagious, and there was nothing better than seeing his pure joy.  Just another blessing of being a parent - we are so thankful.
Brushing his teeth at the end of a wonderful Christmas together! 

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