Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas with the Carters...

The Sunday evening before Christmas was spent with the Carters.  Elley and Papa's new addition was completed right before Christmas, and what fun it was to have a family celebration together in a new home.  RoRo was home; the Chase Carters were there with Stephen Ross, and John Paul had made his debut!  Life couldn't be better.
At this point (after a few Christmas celebrations and gift openings since the new baby), Carter was all about presents: "Do you have a pwesent for me?"  We are working on that not being the first thing he asks people now.

Carter helping deliver each gift to it's respective owner...

The hat that RoRo gave Peter.  Darn those big heads!

Peter's look of excitement!
Carter tearing into a gift for Stephen Ross. 

RoRo and Stephen Ross.

Daddy helping his boys.

New tool sets - the boys were thrilled!!!

Except for the part about having to wear the goggles.
My sweet Mama (Elley) and her John Paul. 

Carter helping RoRo with her gifts.

Carter helping Daddy (see a pattern here)?

Look at that construction crew!


Papa and the little man.

Gosh I love these guys so much.

And our attempt(s) at a family photo.  So true to life!  These are just my favorites, haha!

Carter was looking out for John Paul and didn't want him to leave Elley and Papa's house without shoes, so he found him some.
 Laughing, sharing stories, opening gifts, watching the excitement in the kids' eyes, feeling the warmth of tiny ones cuddled so close, sharing a meal and simply being together as a family in celebration of Christ's birth...once again, we have SO much to be thankful for!


  1. These are precious. I love it! Oh, and darn Aunt RoRo and her prefect hair---how does she do that??


  2. These are such precious pictures!! I miss those kids so much! And you, gorgeous thing:). I'm in the car on the way to Miami, and so I'm passing the phone around for everyone to see. I think that is safe;)

    Tiff, you're crazy! That hair is like a bale of hay.