Tuesday, January 29, 2013


With the March for Life having just taken place, the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and novenas in petition for a greater respect for human life, I've been reminded (again) of how blessed I am.  It hit me even harder when a friend posted this link on my Facebook page yesterday.  

The story is beautiful.  What is even more heart-wrenchingly (might have made that word up) honest, is the story of her middle baby's birth (referenced in the link).

I cried my eyes out at as I read it, especially the part in which her sister reminds her that "God chose her."  God chose her to be that precious baby's mama.  God chose her to give her life, love her, and bring her back to Him.  

In reading it, I wondered if I would have had the same strength.  Would I exhibit the kind of pure faith and trust that she did?  Would I have been able to look so courageously at love staring up at me and know that I could handle the pain of the cruel world for my precious baby? 

She was reminded that God chose her.  
In our every day life, God chooses us.  Sometimes that choosing is cleaning up spilled milk.  Sometimes it is reminding your child time and again that he isn't supposed to hit his brother.  Sometimes it is truly suffering through loss, anxiety, loneliness and pain.

However, He chose us to live the very life we're living.  He blesses us with challenges and suffering in order to bring us closer to Him.  He chooses us to each bear an individual cross, that only we can bear...with Him.  

Life is a gift.  Every single one.  And each has its challenges.

The life He chose for me has thus far been blessed especially by these three miracles.  I realize more every day that they are just that...miracles.  

Thank you, God, for choosing me.


  1. Britt, this is the most precious think that I've ever read. Seriously, I love it. I am so thankful that He chose you....and those boys are so blessed to have you as their mama!


  2. Thank you, Britt, for sharing your post at the "Let's Talk Motherhood" link up!! I love how you wrote that you thank God every day that you are a mom. Those same thoughts have been on my heart today, what a gift is to be a mom!! Happy Mother's Day, friend!!

  3. Glad to find you again via Sole Searching Mama ..... and thank you for sharing this glimpse into your beautiful family ;)