Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Story...

Many of you have asked me for our love story.  I have debated for a really long time writing it.  Actually, it's been written for months, but I've debated posting it.  For obvious reasons.  However, it may offer hope for some or reassurance of God's plan for others.  So here goes...

It started way back in 6th grade...well for me, at least.  I was attending my cousin's high school graduation get-together, and there was this boy.  So handsome and friendly.  He talked to me (a little, somewhat-dorky sixth grader) for a long time and didn't seem put out by it at all.  He made me feel as if I was the only person in the world at the time (something I would later realize was quite common in his dealings with others).  I was sold.  

His mom and my aunt went to high school together...were basically best friends.  Both of them had only sons and all five boys were good friends growing up.  I didn't know him.  He was six years older.  My sister and I would, at times, spend time with our aunt, and Jeremy's mom would meet up to have a girls' afternoon.  Secretly, I longed for her to talk about Jeremy.  I had quite the crush on him.

he and his mom right after Ranger school

Fast forward a few years, and I walked into my aunt's house.  On her refrigerator was a picture of Jeremy and his wife.  I knew it was silly to think that I'd marry that boy, and it was fun to have a not-so-realistic crush for awhile, but that was all over. 

I went to Texas A&M, dated a few guys and found myself single toward the end of my college career.  The summer before graduation, my oldest cousin, Cy (my aunt's son), was getting married in Long Island.  I was visiting with family at the rehearsal dinner party, and another one of my aunt's came up behind me and said, "Have you seen Jeremy Fisk???"  I immediately said, "No!  And, why would I care (in that have you seen him way)?  He's married!"  Her reply, "Not anymore."  I turned around to see this:

My Aunt Beth and Jeremy (his mom's best friend).

I would be lying if I said my first thought wasn't, "He's so handsome." I had no idea what had happened, nor did I feel comfortable giving any of it much thought.  Part of me wanted to stay away while the other part anxiously awaited a chance to re-meet him.  So, instead of talking to him, I just talked to his parents. Through that conversation, I learned that their son had graduated from West Point, was a Ranger in the Army at the time (stationed in Georgia), and had been through a rough time/divorce.  He was there with them, combining a wedding of a best friend with a little family time.  Jeremy and my singleness was brought up (his dad saying, "So, did you know Jeremy is single"), and it was left at that.   However, we still had two days of wedding celebration left.

At that point, I was hoping to run into him at our hotel.  I just wanted to say hello.  I randomly (promise) bumped into him in the hall as I was coming back from the pool and he from a long run.  I'm not so sure anything but "hi" was exchanged.  But, the night of the wedding, that changed.  

Being the mature twenty-something that I was, I found a way to always be semi-close to him at the wedding..sitting in front of him, having to pass by his table to get to the bathroom, needing to ask his mom something.  You name it, I thought of it.  Well, the celebrations were drawing to a close and I hadn't talked to him.  So, I sent my cousin on a mission.  She was to get him over with us.  He had spent the entire night with his parents, so we didn't think it would be too hard to pry him away.  In the meantime, someone asked me to there he was visiting with all of my girl cousins while I was dropped (yes, dropped) on that dance floor by some drunk, Southern "gentleman."  They got a kick out of that, and it spurred a conversation.  After a bit of chit chat, the festivities on the island were drawing to a close and it was time to take the bus back to the hotel.  I made it very clear which of the two buses I would be on and made sure we ended up on the same one.  He sat across from me and a few seats back.  He then asked me a question, and the bus was so loud that I said he needed to "sit next to me so I could hear him."  Smooth, I know.

We got back to the hotel, and the after party began.   A bunch of wedding guests gathered in the hotel lounge and then in a couple of rooms, and as the night was ending/morning beginning, he said he wanted to take a quick picture: 

I made him promise that if we took one he had to email it to me (sly way of getting him my contact info).  And, then came the question...
"Can I kiss you?"

I had to think about that.  It was only a question I had waited years for.  

My entire dad's side of the family was at this wedding.  So were his parents.  The next morning we were departing.  And, we didn't know what to do.  We didn't want to make things obvious, so he suggested that as we all parted ways, that he'd give all of my family a hug and me one, too.  Bingo.  He headed to the US Open with his parents, and I went back to summer school.

But, I had no clue what would happen from there...


  1. Okay, this just popped up in my feed and I can. not. wait. toreadtherest!!! SO fun! I should do ours too! It's a doozy (as you know)! Love you!

    1. Haha, the next segment comes tomorrow :) I would LOVE to read yours!

  2. Amazing...Thank you for sharing! God had a BIG plan for you guys that started such a long time ago! So fun to get to see it continue to play out!

  3. I can't wait to keep reading this love story! So much better than any book I've read (well books I used to read before I had children...haha!)

  4. I LOVE this!! Thank you for posting--I love seeing how God works in such fun and unexpected ways!

  5. Love, love, love it! What a beautiful story God is writing through your lives - and family - and children... imagine the generations impacted for His glory! His word promises that ALL things work together for our good. Not just some things... Not just good things... Not just 'pretty' things... ALL things! (Romans 8:28) I can't wait to read the 'rest of the story' and it makes me smile to think back to how "our story" began too... My first week on campus at Purdue... And btw - you were beautiful with that blonde hair too! :)

  6. I'm so glad you are posting this!!! A beautiful story for a beautiful couple.


  7. So excited for the next part! I can totally relate to the finding any excuse to talk or walk by... =)