Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Story (Part III)...

"What do you think about us?"

I played dumb, texting back, "What do you mean."
"You know what I mean."
"Well, if'it's what I think you mean, call me."

I was shaking.

He called.  And, that night we talked about everything.  That we weren't in the market to just date...that a successful relationship didn't have to end in marriage to begin, but that I didn't want it to end three months later for the same reason.  That we were going to have to get past the distance.  That if our relationship led to marriage, an annulment was necessary.  That what I was asking of him (as he was not Catholic) would be hard at times and would require meddling though the past...and I didn't want to push him to do anything he wasn't comfortable with.  That my parents might have concerns (I tend to worry at times what others might think).  But, that it was obvious that I really cared for him and wanted to try again if he did.  I asked him to think on it.  And, he called the next day.

So it began.

We talked on the phone every day and usually into the next morning.  We planned to meet up in the DFW area (halfway between Norman, OK and College Station, TX) two weeks from when we started "dating" again.  The beginning of that week, I was called home to New Mexico.  My grandfather, who I was very close to, was in the hospital.  I got to spend a few moments with him and let him know I was dating Jeremy.  He loved Jeremy (and saw him grow up with his grandsons), and he smiled from ear to ear.  He told the nurses and my grandmother that I had a boyfriend (he always wanted to make sure I did, haha, usually having someone on his mind that I needed to be set up with).  He even broke the news to my parents (who were happy!).  It was a sweet, sweet moment with me and my Hosse (his name was Hoss).

I stayed three days and then had to return to classes.  I was back at school just one day and received a call from my dad that I better come back.  So, I called Jeremy to tell him the situation and that our weekend plans would have to be postponed.  In thirty minutes, he called me and said that if it was okay, and if I was willing to go two hours out of the way, he'd like to come home with me.  I didn't blink an eye and took the fork to Oklahoma instead of Amarillo.  I drove up to his apartment and he was in the parking lot ready to get in.  Shaking, I gave him a hug and we got on the road.  Halfway to Amarillo, we stopped for a snack, and getting back into the car, he kissed me.  It was everything I needed.

The next day, my grandfather passed away.  Crushed, Jeremy was there to hold 
and comfort me.  He helped me and was there to listen and let me cry, assuring me that some of life's greatest gifts sometimes brought pain as well.  On Sunday, he had to return to school, so he rented a car and left, promising he would be back for the funeral.  And he was.  As he left me that day at the graveside, I started to cry (tears that I had held in for days).  I lost it.  As he got into his car, he saw that, came back and held me, telling me he loved me.  

I finally returned to finish (I should say, barely get by) my first semester, and we met up at his parents home for Thanksgiving.  
He also went with me to a wedding over the Christmas holidays.

Our parents were both so excited to see us so happy, knowing that each of us came from good families and that we really loved each other.  No one really knew what an annulment would entail and what would happen were it not to be granted, so you could see the reluctance in their eyes...more out of protection for each of us than anything else.  But, like us, they prayed and waited.

On my birthday, that February, Jeremy turned in all his annulment paperwork, and we prayed.  We prayed and prayed and prayed every day for months.  He spent Easter with me in College Station, and after going to almost every Mass of the Tridiuum, he told me he was interested in looking into becoming Catholic.  I was ecstatic, knowing the fulfilling peace and joy that came with our faith, but I only truly wanted it if he wanted it.

I spent the summer in Norman living with a roommate I found via Facebook, doing an internship in Oklahoma City with a nonprofit (a requirement for my grad school program), and we grew even closer.  He taught me how to play tennis.  We went on lots of dates and walks in the local parks.  We went hiking and canoeing.  We had deep conversations (even though our distance had required us to talk about everything under the sun).  We didn't ever talk much about the annulment but knew that if it wasn't granted, it would be so painfully difficult.  We cooked together, laughed, went to Mass and grew deeper in love.  That July after a tennis match, we went back to his apartment and grabbed the mail.  When he got back into his truck (where I was waiting), he tossed me a letter with a blankness about his face.  I read the letter that had already been opened and saw that it was from the OKC Archdiocese.  An annulment had been affirmed!!!!!  It would have to go through a Court of Appeals before a final answer was given, but we had hope!!!  Crying tears of joy, we thanked God, called our families and went out to celebrate!

celebrating our news

That fall, we both resumed our master's programs with somewhat of a sigh of relief.  He also began RCIA classes.  Every free second we had between thesis projects and other classes, we were together...meeting in DFW, spending time in Norman or CS, or burning up phone batteries.
at Midnight Yell in Aggieland

playing washers in New Mexico

At the end of October, our answer came.  God blessed off on us, and we were free to marry.  That December 30th, Jeremy was visiting me in New Mexico after Christmas, and then I was driving back to Amarillo with him to spend some time with his family.  He wanted to stop on our way back to his parents' home and see MeMe (Hosse's wife).  Honestly, I was a little perturbed.  I didn't want to stop...just wanted to get to Amarillo.  As much as I hate to admit this, I was pretty selfish with my Jeremy time and didn't want to always be around a lot of other people.  Well, we stopped anyway.  After about a thirty minute conversation with her, it was time to get back on the road.  When we did, he said he wanted to take me to Hosse's grave on the ranch.  I said no.  I wasn't ready.  He said it would be good for me.  I didn't want to, but I did.

We got out of the car, and he told me how this was the first place he told me he loved me (yes, I remember). I was ready to go.  He then went on to say that Hosse loved us dating and my last conversation with him was about us (and more things, but I was ready to go).  Then he said how it was only fitting that he be there for the time when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him (oh gosh! I finally figured it out).  He got down on his knee and pulled this out...

And, I said yes.  Jeremy Fisk is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

June 27, 2009...

and Hosse has my bouquet...


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