Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Favorites: Chocolate, Decor and Christmas

Joining Hallie for Five Favorites this Wednesday...
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Peanut Butter Pretzel 6 pc
I worked with Dana in DC.  She comes from a long line of chocolate makers - how awesome is that?!  (They even have a milkshake factory in Pittsburgh). Every now and then, she would bring treats into the office, and I fell in love with these Peanut Butter Pretzels.  I have tried their s'mores, caramels, terrapins, pretzel bites and suckers.  It really doesn't get much better.  They are fun Christmas gifts, too!  I'm dying to try a caramel apple :)

{2} Restoration Hardware Art

18th C. English Sheet Music Art Collection

I love the look of these.  I have a big space over my couch that I really don't know what to do with.  I am very neutral minded, and while sometimes I feel I need a pop of color, I have a hard time actually going through with it.  Which brings me to this framed sheet music.  I like the way it's framed, but I don't know that I wouldn't like a song that actually meant something more?  Or, do I just do a gallery wall?  Decisions, decisions.  

{3} Restoration Hardware Linens
Since we're on the subject of Restoration Hardware, I love the look of their bedding, too.  I think linen bedding is really pretty, and I love all of the colors they have to choose from.  I have always loved Matteo, and this reminds me of it.

{4} Land of Nod Advent Calendar
I am a sucker for Advent calendars.  I have yet to find "the perfect one" for us.  We have a sweet little magnetic nativity one that is neat, but I'd like one that could accommodate different items (like notes of how to serve someone during the holiday season.  I like this one.

{5} Land of Nod Felt Trees

Aren't these adorable?!?  I love having different Christmas trees through the house in December.  These might just be the perfect addition for the boys!

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  1. I love the framed sheet music. You could add a pop of color by using bright frames. I think bright red frames would look really nice with the black & white of the sheet music.


  2. I love the sheet music! You could totally get a colorful mat to go with the music. I think you could ge ta song (or songs) that mean something to you. I know that I have the sheet music to Clair de Lune in my house because that was my grandma's favorite song and she played it every afternoon. You could find songs like that to use!

  3. The sheet music art is beautiful! I bet you could make that DIY and even add the pop of color you talked about. I love color! ;)

    1. :) everyone has great taste. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  4. Haha, I just realized I repeated what everyone else said. lol