Monday, October 21, 2013

Old Friends

Growing up, I had some of the best friends.  Still do.  One of them was another country kid.  See, in kindergarten, the country kids only had to go to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So, we sort of banned together.  Julia was a farmer, and I was a rancher, and we were great buds!  In fact, we went to the same Church, spent countless nights at each other's homes and even shared friends across the sate through FFA and 4-H.

Now, we have little ones of our own.  Julia brought her boys over to meet mine Friday morning.  While we don't live near as close as we used to (or see each other as often), it was such a blessing to spend a few hours together and to see the boys (all five of them) together!

John Paul and Colton are three months apart.

Peter and Drew are just two months apart.
Look at those blues!
John Paul wanted in on the bottle drinking, 
and Carter and Peter had to have a picture taken as well
While there won't be sleepovers with these guys in the near future (because of the miles between us), it's such a blessing when we are able to spend time together.  I don't remember being Carter's age, but I do remember being about five and having my friends around.  It's still hard for me to believe things have come full circle.  When we were little, making pizza dough fly to the ceiling, catching bugs and baking up a storm, we were probably giving our moms a few of "those days" - now we're the moms watching these little guys grow into their big personalities.  I can't say that there is anything better.

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