Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After the North Pole, we headed to the resort to swim for a bit and get ready for the zoo the next day.
 ^^^the view from the room
 ^^^helping PaPa with the parking so we could enjoy breakfast at the fabulous Over Easy

 ^^^across the street - a lovely restaurant that I'd love for my sister to re-design for our hometown (hint, hint)
 ^^^right before we got to feed the giraffes, and immediately upon entering the zoo, we ran smack into a strategically placed toy store.  Carter wanted to touch every.thing.  I kept telling him it was time to feed the giraffes and we could get a toy after we finished at the zoo.  His response:
"Momma!  I am going to looove the zoo.  But, you need to be patient with me!"

 ^^^Carter and I got to feel the African winds in a special wind tunnel.

 ^^^Peter was almost smashed by an elephant.

 ^^^Then we took a break for some Dippin' Dots.  Everyone enjoyed :)

 ^^^perhaps my favorite picture of the trip
 ^^^going through the bear cave.

^^^and one more carousel ride.

The zoo was beautiful and so fun for the kids.  It was cool enough in the mountains to really be able to enjoy it, too!


  1. Haha....I love it. Just be patient with me--my guess is that he's heard that before! :) And your mama is so darn adorable by the way--she's dressed so cute!


  2. That zoo looks terrific! And don't you just want to have a heart-to-heart with the architect for placing the toy store smack dab in the middle of the entrance? One of my biggest pet peeves!

  3. THese are amazing pictures! I love the safari hats, too! And Olive Branch looks amazing.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Nothing quite like a day at the zoo. The picture of Peter, sitting and thinking about the zoo and his Dippin Dots, is awesome.